Nanoindenters - Nanohardness tester

Today’s nanoindenters offer more than nanoindentation. They allow further nano- and micro-tribological measurement methods like for example scratch tests and are universal platforms for complex, mechanical material characterizations.

Nanoindentation, or depth-sensing hardness testing, is a method to mechanically characterize the micro structures of materials and to analyze thin films. 

The Nanohardness Tester NanoTest offers other unique tribological measurement options: a patented nano-impact test which works like a nano-mechanical charpy test, nano fretting tests for high-cycle wear tests, and more.

NanoTest is the unparalleled testing platform for the nano and micro mechanical characterization of all sorts of materials: From metals and alloys over ceramics and polymers all the way to thin and ultra-thin films.

Properties that can be measured:

  • Nanohardness
  • Elastic modulus
  • 3D-Mapping of mechanical properties
  • Creep, elastic recovery and plasticity index
  • Dynamic nanohardness
  • Coefficient of friction and adhesion
  • High and low cycle fatigue

Instrumented indentation tests, commonly known as nanoindentation, allow the precise application of a defined force of an indenter tip while simultaneously measuring the indentation depth into the sample substrate with sub-nanometer accuracy.


The NanoTest CORE Range from Micro Materials proposes an affordable alternative to the already established Nanoindenter NanoTest Vantage. Key focus in the development of the CORE Range was a highly cost efficient design whilst maintaining data quality and stability. This allows the system to be ideally suited for high-end academic and corporate R&D labs, but also for more repetitive QC applications.


The nanoindenter NanoTest Vantage is a comprehensive nanomechanical testing platform which provides a variety of different techniques such as nanoindentation/nanohardness testing as well as environmental options to simulate true service conditions and contact mechanics.


The nanoindenter NanoText Xtreme is the first commercially available vacuum-nanoindenter with a unique temperature range, intended to measure at the forefront of high temperature nanoindentation for very demanding applications, when suppression of oxidation of sample and indenter material are crucial.


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